Just $125 and 10 minutes from the time you purchase to your own web presence.  No gimmicks, no hidden fees and no outrageous claims or costs.  There is nothing for YOU to learn or figure out.

Bang! You are on the web.

10 minutes to a great website free hosting domain included


Just to buy a domain and host it elsewhere, without our set up and site building, you would pay $85 minimum. We give you the site as well.

We are not the fancy site people.  Save your money and your time for later when you know more of what you want.  You can waste a lot of money paying for something that does not suit your business or a style that was not right for what you want to convey.  Rather than wasting time with fancy options that won't suit you later we offer a basic site to get you on the web NOW for only $125.

Your $125 includes:

  • Domain name for a year
    $15 per year following.

  • Web hosting for 3 months
    $5 per month following or pay just $60 for a full year including domain name for an additional year.

  • All your links and page buttons.

  • A nice theme.

  • Email account

  • The ability to instantly and without cost add pages and graphics to your site.

  • Complete set up

  • And all in ONLY 10 MINUTES for only $125.00. 

That is all there is to it.  Visit our site for more information.   All of our add-on features are quoted upfront.  You don't have to send us a quote request, just read about it on our site and contact us when you are ready to discuss it.

What you won't get:

  • You don't get a fancy site but a functional "visitable" site for your customers to see that you are on the web and "with it".  You don't get that with anyone else advertising either.  It cannot be done that quickly or cheaply.   But you can order extras for very reasonable fees.
  • You don't get a custom logo but that is inexpensive with us and you don't get that with others either.

  • You don't get a shopping cart of payment processor.
  • What you don't get with us, you certainly do not get with our competitors.

Check out us.