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Order WFH Power Diet Weight Loss Pack

We have replaced all Affinity Lifestyle products with those that we are already acquainted with and have been selling, not just something to fill the void now that they are on the decline and most likely going out of business.

Check out the Power Diet Weight Loss Pack below:

Lose While You Snooze is THE fat burning and building lean muscle solution.  The gel caps are easy to take at night or any time on an empty stomach during the day.  Sea Aloe you might not recognized but it is Sea Silver under a new name and management.  We personally have been singing the praises of this product for 8 years.  Lastly, to make this combo complete is the Jeunique One Day Diet Wafers.  These come in delicious Swiss Chocolate One Day, French Vanilla One Day and Berry Berry One Day Diet Wafers and each come with the unique, Jeunique Crystal Chews for your off days.

Our Power Diet Weight Loss Pack includes:  30-day supply of Lose While You Snooze plus 2 bottles of Jeunique One Day Diet Wafers of your choice, FREE Crystal chews and 1 Sea Aloe.  Altogether these products will give you a strong 30 days of healthy dieting, the building of collagen in your body and the liquid vitamins and minerals everyone needs for a healthy happier you.

To order Lose While You Snooze and other fine weight loss pack and products CLICK HERE

Make your choice for a new you TODAY with our Power Diet Weightloss Pack with Lose While You Snooze collagen weight loss product, Jeunique One Day Diet, Jeunique One Day Diet Crystal Chews and Sea Aloe.

1 Lose While You Snooze 90 Gel Caps, 2 Jeunique Crystal Chews, 1 Sea Aloe Liquid Vitamin and Mineral

2 Jeunique One Day Diet of your choice:  Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla or Berry Berry One Day Diet Wafers
 Power Diet Weight Loss Pack

WFH Our Price : 165.00 (Retail = $176.00  Buy them together and save.)

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Lose and Snooze, Weight Loss System and High Power Diet Pack