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Amazon Rainforest Herbal Chocamaca (Chocomaca)

Key Benefits:

Delicious tasting!
Contains 11 nutritious herbs
Low in calories and fat (compared to other chocolates)*
Rich in anti-oxidants*
Helps increase energy*
Enhances clarity and a positive mood*

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Retail Price: 78.00
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Retail Price: 30.00
Preferred Price: 21.00

Cocoa (Chocamaca), the primary ingredient in chocolate, has been revered for centuries for its many properties. Its first use dates back 3000 years to the Olmec Indians of Mexico. The organic cocoa in ChocaMaca is collected in South America and the Caribbean as part of an Eco-Trade program that pays farmers a premium price. This program helps support the farmers communities and encourages sustainable organic agriculture.

ChocaMaca also contains several natural botanicals including Maca (known as Peruvian Ginseng) and Kiwicha, two traditional staples of the ancient Incan Empire. Aqua nutrients are also blended into the ChocaMaca including fresh-water Blue-Green Algae and marine Fucus harvested wild off the coast of Brazil. Other Rainforest ingredients -- Jatoba, Catuaba, Suma, Camu Camu and Muira Puama -- are all part of the rich, exotic ChocaMaca experience.

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