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General Health: Aspartame the Deadly Sweetener

"Aspartame is in about 1200+ products including children's vitamins and chewing gum. It is considered unstable at temperatures above 86 degrees F.   I consider it a substance that should be taken off the market.   Anything that is 10% methanol, that is wood alcohol, and consider that one of the byproducts of aspartame is formaldehyde is not for me. There have been reported about 10,000 complaints about aspartame of 92 different symptoms. Anyone with an immune system problem should never take aspartame. While a number of studies say that aspartame poses no harm for diabetics other studies say that it may adversely affect the capacity to control glucose metabolism. India has started an information program so to try to inform the people of the problems with this substance and to prevent it's extensive use in the future."