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General Health: Healthy Cell Concept

Healthy Cell Concept

The Healthy Cell Concept™ is one of the most important ideas that sets AIM apart from other health and nutrition companies.

This concept is the basis for all AIM products and for improving quality of life. While other companies may look to just jump on the "hot product" bandwagon, AIM requires that all products adhere to the Healthy Cell Concept.

The Healthy Cell Concept proposes that keeping the cell—the basic living unit of the body—healthy results in the whole body being healthy. The body and health are holistic: that is, they are both the greater whole of a number of smaller parts.

The Healthy Cell Concept focuses on five of these smaller parts: Cell food, cell exercise, cell environment, cell protection, and a healthy mental attitude. These "parts" are both separate from each other and interrelated. Understanding and practicing the five ideas expressed in the Healthy Cell Concept adds up to the greater whole of a healthier life.

The Healthy Cell Concept™

Cell food

For our cells to be healthy, they must have pure, whole, natural, fresh foods. The best foods are raw foods, as their elements remain intact as they were created by nature. Raw foods are not modified by cooking or processes that subtract from the natural substances found in them. If we eat well, we do much toward achieving and maintaining health.

Cell exercise

Our cells need exercise to remain healthy. Exercise provides strength, flexibility, and mental alertness. Exercise also provides overall good health.

Cell environment

The environment we live in is important to our health. We may eat well and exercise, but if we live in polluted areas, we are hurting ourselves. Our cells need clean air and clean water to work well.

Cell protection

The body’s immune system is our best tool for fighting disease—it provides us with everything we need to stay healthy. If we can maintain our immune system, there will be little need to use pharmaceutical drugs or undergo surgery. We can strengthen our immune systems through rest, stress management, cell food, and a healthy attitude.

Healthy Mental Attitude

How we feel mentally is just as important as how we feel physically. If we maintain a positive attitude on life, we will feel better physically.