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If you have not heard of the One Day Diet, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Lasting weight loss does not come easily for most people. It has been estimated that only 12 out of 100 people are able to stick to a diet long enough to lose the weight they want. The problem seems to be that dieters try to change the way they eat too quickly and they just cannot seem to stick with the program long enough. Those that do tend to gain the weight back quickly when they go off the diet.

Whole Family Health's Affinity One Day Diet Wafers
What if you could diet for one day and not diet the next, and lose the weight you want? Now you can, with the One Day Diet plan! Affinity's One Day Diet wafers help you to lose the weight you want, by only dieting one day. When you start the One Day diet plan, you eat One Day Diet wafers, fruit and a delicious soup and then eat whatever you want (within reason) the next day. Before you know it, you will have reached your weight-loss goal. It is that simple.

Eating like this will not lower your metabolism as some starvation diets do and you can actually lose up to 30 pounds in just one month by eating this way. Affinity's diet wafers are sweeping the country and are one of the newest and most effective diet plans around. The One Day Diet plan is not a diet at all, but a new approach to weight loss that allows you to eat the foods you want one day, and eat delicious wafers, fruit and soup the next. The diet plan is based on caloric intake every other day and actually helps your body burn the fat away.

With Affinity's One Day Diet wafers, your metabolism will not slow down because you will be eating normally every other day. When you cut your food intake down for more than three days in a row, your body mistakes this as a signal that you are starving and automatically lowers your metabolism to conserve and store as much fat as possible. This, of course, makes it quite difficult to lose the weight you want. The Affinity One Day Diet plan is different. Any weight loss diet plan that does not allow you to eat regularly creates hunger and slows down your metabolism. And, it is a whole lot easier to stick to a diet for just one day, because you know you can eat what you want the next day! Order One Day Diet and Lose and Snooze Products

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