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cycle pro balance natural progesterone creamCycle Pro Balance Natural Cold Pressed Progesterone Cream:  Order now

Cycle Pro Balance Progesterone Cream®comes in a pump for a perfectly measured amount every time or a jar for those who prefer it. 
This gives you confidence in the amount of progesterone cream you apply each time you use it.

DIRECTIONS: ¼  teaspoon of cream provides 20 mg of micronized natural progesterone USP. ( ¼ tsp equals about 6-7 little squirts.)

What separates Cycle Balance Cream® from the rest?

  • Cold pressed for easy assimilation; not heated which means the cellular structure is in tact and can more easily go into your skin.
  • So light and airy, not heavy or thick like other progesterone creams.
  • Perfected amount of micronized natural progesterone per oz; as per Dr. Lee.
  • Gentle ingredients; no harsh smells or perfumes.
  • Happy customers - our best advantage!  This product has one of the best return purchase rates in our catalog.
  • Pump / spray for measured dose every time.
  • No perfumes or dyes.