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CardioArginine - Super Protection for the Heart!



CardioArginine by  Greenwood Health Natural Longevity

If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen your heart and even reverse the effects of aging, then you need to make CardioArginine part of your daily diet. CardioArginine is a very powerful blend of nutrients that include 6,000 milligrams of elemental pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine, plus OPC's from grape seed extract.  A great-tasting liquid product, CardioArginine is quickly absorbed by the body via a proprietary blend of Fulvic Acids. 

Benefits of CardioArginine

Cardio Arginine is an absolutely amazing amino acid formula that is known to aid in cardiovascular health, increase the growth hormone, stimulate the libido and so much more.  Its main ingredient, L-Arginine is today?s popular natural longevity nutrient that is used to optimize the cardiovascular system by helping to assist in building of collateral arteries and strengthening the heart.   L-Arginine creates nitric oxide, which promotes circulation and improves the blood?s flow.   

Additionally, Cardio Arginine is known to improve the immune response to bacteria, viruses and even tumor cells.  It promotes wound healing by repairing tissues and is responsible for the release of growth hormones.  It also plays a crucial role in the regeneration of the liver.  Today, there is even evidence that arginine may be helpful in reducing angina and in lowering blood pressure.  Research also indicates that by supplementing one?s diet with an arginine formula, renal function may be improved. 

Here at Whole Family Health, we care about your health!  Along with Cardio Arginine, we offer you an array of natural products known to promote good health and healing.  Please take your time and browse through our vast selection. 

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Serving Size: 1 ounce

Servings Per Container: 30

Key Ingredients:
  Grape Seed
  Fulvic Acids