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Greenwood Health Natural Longevity Products :: NL L-Arginine

CardioArginine - Super Protection for the Heart!


One of the hottest products on pharmaceutical shelves these days is an amazing product that contains L-arginine.  Cardio Arginine contains six grams per ounce of L-arginine plus OPC's from grape seed extract.  It is a powerful blend of nutrients that is proven to both help clear blockages you may now have and prevent new blockages from forming.   To order the most effective L-arginine product, contact us today through the email link or visit our store

Specific Benefits of L-Arginine

One of the biggest benefits of L-arginine is its capacity to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, although it should be noted that Cardio Arginine offers more benefits than any other supplement on the market today.  Other benefits of L-arginine include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the risk of vascular and heart disease

  • Helping to improve blood flow

  • Reducing body fat

  • Promoting body fat burning

  • Promoting muscle Mass

  • Improving immune function

  • Increasing bone density

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Increasing sperm count and helping to improve low libido problems

  • Reducing healing time of injuries

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Helping to balance blood-sugar levels

  • Improving immune response to bacteria and viruses

  • Playing a crucial role in the regeneration of liver

  • Improving cardiovascular functioning.

 Build stamina so that you will be able to enjoy life more and everything it has to offer by just supplementing your diet each day with CardioArginine!

Here at Whole Family Health, we care about your health!  Along with Cardio Arginine, we offer you an array of natural products known to promote good health and healing.  Please take your time and browse through our vast selection. 

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Serving Size: 1 ounce

Servings Per Container: 30

Key Ingredients:
  Grape Seed

  Fulvic Acids