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Greenwood Health Natural Longevity Products :: How Probiotics Strengthen the Immune System:   Total Immune Booster

Total Immune Booster is back!

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Probiotics and Strengthening the Immune System

The Total Immune Booster that we offer here at Whole Family Health contains a powerful probiotic formula.  Probiotic is a Greek word that means for life.  The term probiotic is most commonly used to describe the beneficial bacteria that support the human intestinal, urinary and vaginal tracts.  Probitotics offer several different health benefits that range from boosting the human immune system to lowering cholesterol.  Researchers also believe that probiotics may even play a role in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.    

The Role and Benefits of Probiotic Bacteria

Studies have shown that probiotic bacteria help to reduce certain intestinal inflammations, including ones that accompany cystic fibrosis.  Having a healthy intestinal tract requires a proper balance of probiotics within the human body.  Having a good immune system means less illness.  The two go hand and hand. 

Probiotic ingredients are very versatile and come in an array of foods, including yogurt and fermented dairy products, and supplements.  However, because of many of the ?bad? things we eat and drink (including chlorinated water), the amount of probiotics within our intestinal tract are diminished.  This means that our immune systems are not functioning as they should and why we need to supplement ourselves with a probiotic formula that will help to provide the balance our bodies require. 

The Total Immune Booster is a unique probiotic formula that helps to strengthen the immune system, neutralizes toxins and much more.  Unlike many other probiotic formulas, the Total Immune Booster probiotics are cultivated together to allow for the best possible results.  To order your supply of the Total Immune Booster. SHOP our Catalog Natural Longevity/Greenwood Health products.