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While debates continue to rage about nutritional supplements, such supplements are gaining world-wide acceptance.   Today, nutritional supplements are used to aid weight loss, promote circulation in the heart, brain and extremities, improve digestion, cleanse the urinary tract, overcome diabetes, ward off the effects of aging, build muscle, and a whole lot more.   The key to successfully choosing nutritional supplements is in insuring that they are made from all-natural ingredients.  This is very important at WholeFamilyHealth.com

Whole Family Health Offers Only Natural Nutritional Supplements

Unfortunately, many of today's nutritional supplements, including vitamin and mineral supplements, are made synthetically through chemical processes rather than being derived directly from plants and other materials.  The main distinction between 'synthetic' and 'natural' is often quite confusing.  The important thing to realize is that the resulting molecular structure is often not the same as that found in nature.

Our best example comes from the line of products we carry called Sportron (The Diabetic Pack - also called The Diabetic Breakthrough - is an example of these products by Sportron) using Food Matrix technology; a Nobel prize winning patented process.

A good example of this as well would be Vitamin E.  The d-alpha Vitamin E is extracted from vegetable oils and other natural sources.  The dl-alpha form of Vitamin E (the synthetic form) is actually a 1:1 mixture.  The human body uses only the  form, and the  part, when present, offers no known health benefit.  In essence, when consuming the dl-form of Vitamin E, effectiveness is lowered to about half of what you can expect from the natural Vitamin E. 

It is important to realize that for a nutritional supplement to be of good value it must be well made, well formulated and well priced.  Here at Whole Family Health, we offer you only the best of natural nutritional supplements that have been carefully formulated for efficiency for the best value.  Please take your time and browse through our product lines and feel free to contact us with the email link provided.

Cardio Arginine

CardioArginine is a powerful blend of nutrients containing six grams per ounce of L-arginine, plus OPC's from grape seed extract. CardioArginine is a great-tasting liquid product quickly absorbed by the body via a proprietary Fulvic Acids mineral delivery system.

If protecting your cardiovascular system is a priority, then make CardioArginine a part of your daily supplement regime.

If you are a male with low libido problems, then you may be presently surprised at one of the other benefits CardioArginine provides