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Food Matrix Supplements

Unlike many commercially developed vitamins and minerals, Food Matrix supplements have been proven to have more efficacy on the human body.  The minerals and vitamins that most people take are developed from isolated 'USP' or 'BP' nutrients.  Unfortunately, USP and BP minerals and vitamins are simply not absorbed through the human body as well as those that have been imbedded with proteins.  Food Matrix minerals and vitamins are imbedded with proteins, just like those in natural foods.  The minerals and vitamins that come from eating natural foods are simply the most effective, and this is what makes Food Matrix supplements unique as they act as nature intended them to.

Food Matrix Supplements are Absorbed Better!

Absorption is one of the most important aspects of any supplementation.  Most people who take supplements shop for the ones that are proven to have better absorption.  Food Matrix supplements are absorbed better because they deliver nutrients to the human body by protein chaperones directly to the cells that need the nutrients.  Commercially isolated chemical nutrients (USP and BP minerals and vitamins) are foreign to the body and do not act in the same manner.  Their effectiveness has been shown to be far inferior to their natural counterparts and those formulated in Food Matrix supplements.

While various manufacturers do claim better absorption, bioavailability, and retention of their supplements, many do not have the scientific evidence to back the claim.  On the other hand, the Food Matrix technology behind FoodMatrix nutrients has been tried and tested for several years in numerous scientific studies.  It has been proven that FoodMatrix nutrients are absorbed better and are five times more effective than their commercial counterparts.  In addition, the retention of FoodMatrix nutrients and their bioavailability have been proven to be sixteen times more effective.

With recent statistics showing that one in every three adults takes some type of nutritional supplementation daily, it simply makes sense to purchase nutritional supplements that are proven to be the most effective and the most beneficial.  To order or for more information regarding the amazing benefits of Food Matrix supplements or other healthful products, please click on the links to the left.  Also, please look to the side bars (both left and right) for other healthful product information and articles.

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