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Digestive Enzymes

PhytoBioForte Super

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The most important things that our bodies must be able to do in order to live are assimilate, digest, utilize, eliminate and create healthy cells,  and digestive enzymes make it all possible.  The human body uses 80% of its energy to digest food, and plant-based enzymes play a vital role in this process.  Enzymes are delicate lifelike substances found in all living cells and our bodies require them in order to achieve optimum health.

The human body produces metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes.  Metabolic enzymes act as catalysts to regulate biochemical reactions that occur within the body?s living cells.  Digestive enzymes turn the food we eat into energy and unleash this energy into our body for use.  While our bodies naturally produce both metabolic and digestive enzymes, most of the foods we eat are overly processed and most often cooked.  Processed and cooked food destroys enzymes. 

When we eat, the need for digestive enzymes is a high priority.  Our bodies often must work overtime in order to try and manufacture the proper balance of enzymes so that the foods we eat are properly digested and are doing the job nature intended them to do.  Many body functions require enzymes in order to fight off disease and more.  If we do not have enough digestive enzymes in our bodies, our health will begin to suffer.  Being enzyme deficient can lead to poor nutrition, malabsorption and undigested foods collected in the colon.  Poorly digested protein putrefies, carbohydrates ferment and fats turn rancid.  These undigested food particles can even leak back into the bloodstream and create toxicity.  When we lack the proper balance of digestive enzymes, we lose energy and the ability to ward off disease.  What can we do?

Supplement with Digestive Enzymes!      

Supplementing your diet with a potent digestive enzyme formula such as PhytoBioForte Super can help prevent many health problems.  PhytoBioForte Super?s complex blend of enzymes and minerals can help to dissolve almost all proteins, cellular debris, fats and toxins in the blood, thereby sparing your immune system from having to try to do so.   The immune system can then concentrate its energies on bacterial, viral and parasitic invasion.  To obtain more information regarding the amazing benefits of PhytoBioForte Super, or similar products, please click on the links to the left.  Please look to the side bars (both left and right) for more healthy product information and articles.

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PhytoBioForte Super? is the most potent, best value for money plant based digestive enzyme product available!