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1 - One Day Diet Wafers

Today is a new day to start a 1 - one day diet that will help you shed all those unwanted pounds in a healthy way! 1 - One Day Diet Wafers plan offers people a better way to stick with a diet and lose weight--by only dieting one day at a time. With the One Day Diet plan, you are never more than 24 hours away from your favorite foods. This diet is convenient, safe, natural and very easy to stick with.   You only have to stick to it 50% of the time.  How easy is that!

Why 1 - One Day Diet Works
The original One Day Diet plan has solved the problems that many people have with most diets. All too often, people start a diet and then go off before they have even reached their weight-loss goal. In contrast, our diet plan works and here are the reasons why:

1. Diet foods simply taste horrible! 1 - One Day Diet Wafers are delicious and come in titillating chocolate and tasty French vanilla flavors--and these are for the diet days! Also, you are never more than one day away from your favorite foods.

2. With the 1 - One Day Diet Wafers, you have no calorie counting, no forbidden foods, no gadgets, no fatigue, no weekly support meetings and no drugs.

3. Starvation diets slow down your metabolism after three to four days and you end up feeling weak. With these diets, you actually lose lean muscle. The 1 - One Day Diet maintains your metabolism so that you continue to burn the fat away and you retain your muscle mass.

4. A lot of traditional diets leave you feeling constantly hungry. With the 1 - One Day Diet Wafers, on your diet days you get to eat delicious wafers every hour all day long. These wafers help to satisfy your hunger and help satisfy your "crunching" need.

5. Many traditional diets can be very costly. With the 1 - One Day Diet Wafers, you actually save money because the cost of the wafers is far less than the cost of regular diet meals.

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