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About Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are a combination of plants and organic materials that are used to promote better health.  They are also used as non-invasive therapies for certain ailments and to treat chronic conditions.  For example, ellagic acid, which is extracted from certain plant  phytochemicals, is used as an alternative medicine to prevent cancer.  It is known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and actually arrests the growth of cancer in those who have a genetic predisposition for the disease.  Research conducted by the Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina has confirmed that natural ellagic acid offers many benefits.

Whole Family Health is committed to offering you only the best natural products on the market today.  Unlike standard chemically-produced vitamins and minerals, our all-natural products are known to be absorbed by the body more effectively.  Synthesized vitamins and minerals differ from natural vitamins and minerals in two essential ways.  First, the molecular polarity is changed and the man-made substance is hard to excrete and it does not offer the healing that natural vitamins and minerals do.   Secondly, natural vitamins are easily assumable by the human body, whereas synthetic ones are not and can sometimes do more harm than good.

Here at Whole Family Health we offer you a vast assortment of natural vitamin and mineral products, antioxidants and more that will help you optimize your health while you are keeping up with your busy lifestyle.  For more information on how our products can help you, contact us today. 

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