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Female Health: Determining Your Coverline

Taken from the pages of Taking Charge of Your Fertility

How to determine your temperature coverline:
  1. Take your temperature with the same thermometer at the same time everyday - before you get out of bed.
  2.  Identify the first day your temperature rises at least 2/10 of degree higher than it had been the previous 6 days.
  3. Highlight the last 6 temps before the rise.
  4. Locate the highest of those six highlighted temps.
  5. Draw the coverline 1/10 of degree above the highest of that cluster of six days preceding the rise.
  6. High temps during your period are irrelevant.
  7. Once you see a third high temperature above the coverline (the 3/10 higher than 6 preceding days) you know you have ovulated.

NOTE: Most NFP books will tell you that when you see above coverline temps for 18 days you are pregnant.

For spring daylight savings time,

  1. If you normally take your temperature at 8:00 AM
  2. On Saturday of daylight savings weekend, take your temperature at 7:40 AM
  3. Set your clock ahead that evening
  4. Take your temp on Sunday at 8:20AM
  5. Start taking your temps at the normal time 8:00 AM on Monday