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Sports Drink
A sports energy drink by definition has a very specific function - providing energy. Fatigue can rob you of a good workout, inspiration, and motivation to do the things you want and need to do. While it is always important to eat a well-balanced diet, doing so does not always guarantee that we will have the energy that we want or need. This is where a natural sports energy drink can help.

Let Black Ram?s Sports Energy Drink Help You!
Black Ram?s natural sports energy drink can provide you with a lasting boost of energy when you need it. Its ingredients were developed by using the exclusive and patented FoodMatrix technology. As part of the development process of Black Ram?s Sports Energy Drink, the nutrients are bonded with specific proteins and other food co-factors that offer energy-giving power directly to your body?s cells that need them the most.

More than 50 scientific studies have proven that the FoodMatrix nutrients in Black Ram?s Sports Energy Drink are up to 16 times better utilized and retained by the body than other energy drinks. It is the only energy drink that provides more than four hours of continuous alertness and sustained high energy without the sugar and caffeine. The Black Ram Sports Energy Drink will provide you with a delicious lemon/lime flavor that is refreshing, restoring, and re-hydrating.

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